About us

BBC Electrical Services, Inc. has an excellent safety record

We believe that this exceptional record is a demonstration of our commitment to providing a safe work place.

Our approach to safety has been to fully integrate it into our daily attitude and routine business, rather than treat it as a stand-alone program.


BBC Electrical Services, Inc. has a history of proactive involvement in our commitment to safety. BBC’s commitment to safety also includes the traditional elements of a line construction safety program. A concern for safety is standard operating procedure. Daily tailboard meetings are used to review worksite risks and relevant work practices. Monthly safety meetings are held where concerns are raised, addressed and safe work practices are reviewed. Safety related training is conducted on an as-needed basis.


Jobs are pre-inspected; an assessment of risk and development of a plan for the project is part of the pre-assessment. This effort is particularly useful in assessing unique and complex projects.


BBC has a strong corporate safety program, commitment to safety, and oversight. Our employees adhere to DOT alcohol and drug testing regulations and are dedicated to accident prevention rather than mitigating the impact of accidents.

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